Dosimetry Audit Networks (DAN) database


In 2010 the IAEA undertook a task to investigate and review the coverage and operations of national and international dosimetry audit programmes for radiotherapy. As a first step a questionnaire was created and sent to over 80 institutions, members of the IAEA/WHO Network of Secondary Standards Dosimetry Laboratories (SSDLs) and other organizations known for having operated dosimetry audits for radiotherapy in their countries or internationally. Since then the data on different aspects of the dosimetry audit, such as the audit framework and resources, its coverage and scope, the dosimetry system used and the modes of audit operation have been collected on regular basis, through the distribution of the questionnaire.

As a second step, the Dosimetry Audit Networks (DAN) database was created. The information on dosimetry audits in radiotherapy and the status of audit activities in different countries and world regions is available in the DAN database. The purpose of creating the database was to benefit both, the auditing groups, which could compare their activities and exchange their experiences, and medical physics community which would have an overview of dosimetry audits available and information how to access them. The direct link of the DAN database and the IAEA Directory of Radiotherapy Centres (DIRAC, which includes information on radiotherapy infrastructure in the world shows where the audit is accessible to radiotherapy hospitals. The information on the participation in audits can also be available to clinical trial organizations so that radiotherapy centres that are audited nationally and pass the national criteria might be recognized as being competent to participate in international clinical trials as part of a global harmonization of clinical trial QA activities.